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Youth/Young Adult Ministries

LifeTeen and Edge provide a place for teens to learn about Christ in a way designed specifically for them. We incorporate the things they do, see, and encounter every day of their lives into an understanding of Christ and the Catholic faith.


The youth today are in a challenging place. They are facing spiritual battles that most adults have not faced, nor will we ever face. It is vital to help the youth grow in their faith so that they can be prepared to meet these challenges head on.

This is all the more true with today’s conditions. Though we have our
societal and environmental limitations, our youth groups still seek to
create a space for our youth to grow in faith and fellowship whether
virtually or while social distancing when appropriate.


Through LifeTeen and Edge teens are given the tools they need to come through these battles stronger and with greater faith. Their life is not easy, it is time we give them a place to learn the faith, so they can be prepared for every attack that will come their way.

For information or questions, please contact

Aaron Santos

(Director of Youth/Young Adult Ministries)

 209-627-8621 or

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