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When: Sundays,  after the 6pm Mass

(approximately 7:15-8:45pm)

Where: Parish Hall   

High Schoolers are at a crossroads in their faith. So much is being asked of them in school and extracurriculars, that sometimes going to Mass and receiving the Sacraments becomes secondary or even seem like one more thing they have to do. Youth Ministry seeks to revitalize their faith in God and His Church by leading teens into a personal relationship with Christ. Everything we do is centered on the Eucharist- the source and summit of our faith.

LifeTeen gives high schoolers a place to ask the difficult questions about our faith and their lives. We help them find answers rooted in Scripture and Tradition. High Schoolers are fighting spiritual battles most of us never dreamed of facing, let alone experienced ourselves, and our goal is to give them all they need to win.

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