What does it mean to be a

Core Team Member?

Changing the world happens one teen at a time. Teens do not connect to programs; they connect to people. The most effective way to influence teens is through relationships. Our goal is to develop leaders who will walk the journey to Christ with teens.


  • Do I need experience? 

    • No! Just a willing heart!​

  • Time Commitment? ​

    • Depending on Lifeteen or Edge about 4 hours weekly, but we welcome all that have some time to spare​.

  • What's next? ​

    • Sign up below, and the Director of Youth Ministries will give you a call. It's that simple! ​


We the people of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church are committed to being a dynamic and welcoming family. We respond through active ministries as a reflection of God's love and witness to the Gospel in prayer, word, and deed. 

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