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Bulletin Coordinator

I was born and raised in San Francisco where I attended Catholic School (K-12). In college, I earned my BS degree in Computer Science and proceeded to work at a large aerospace company in Silicon Valley for almost 20 years as a  programmer/analyst.  I met my husband working there as we were initially cubicle mates.

We have two sons. When my youngest was in first grade, we decided on a lifestyle change. Through God’s grace, a company hired my husband and moved us to Folsom. Having relatives here we were familiar with the area. It was at this time that I quit my job, and I became a stay at home mom until my youngest graduated from Folsom High in 2010.

I then worked part-time for six years at a local business doing customer service and helping customers with designing business logos. Due to a family situation, I needed to be home for more hours each day. With the Lord’s blessing and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I was led to this job as the bulletin coordinator. During my spare time, I LOVE chilling with my “furbabies,” and  “doodling” on the computer.  I am grateful for this opportunity to serve our parish and help announce the events and opportunities of our various ministries.

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