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This is a prayer in which we silently take our personal prayer subject to the loving heart of Jesus and wait for some inner movement or discernment.  We stay with this as it unfolds and leads us to new personal understandings given from his mercy and grace. We are often surprised by God’s personal love for us and his gifts of quiet grace. To learn more fill out the form below or visit us at companionedprayer.org

Open to All

Wednesdays 1:30 to 3:00pm via Zoom

Please Contact:  Bill Stobbe at bstobbe@companionedprayer.org

"Companioned Prayer is a prayer with a friend that can eventually bring you to the real purpose of your faith, which is an intimate, daily, loving relationship with God.  It is a miracle that you will feel taking place within you.  It will take time, but it will happen in you."

“I hope everyone can participate in the Companioned Prayer program. It can change your life."

- The Late Bishop Francis Quinn


We the people of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church are committed to being a dynamic and welcoming family. We respond through active ministries as a reflection of God's love and witness to the Gospel in prayer, word, and deed. 

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