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Welcome to St.John's
Companioned Prayer Circle

“Companioned Prayer is a form of personal prayer that can change your relationship with God."

- The Late Bishop Francis Quinn

What is Companioned Prayer?

Companioned Prayer is a wonderful prayer of the presence of God in our lives, and in the companionship of one another. Our circle invites you to explore the tender experience of grace, in the mystery of our faith in the personal experience of God’s inspiration. Companioned Prayer is a blending of contemplative listening and openness with personal prayer. This inner listening is practiced with another person, a companion, who helps us stay focused on our inner prayer journey. But even though it is practiced with a companion, our prayer experience is private; it is just between us and God. In this prayer group we not only discover how Companioned Prayer enlivens our own relationship with God, but we will also discover how we are a community of Christ through our presence to each other. This is a natural process of growth and discovery that happens over time, with others.

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Contact: Michelle Hendricks 

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