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Religious Education

Kids in Church

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church is committed to fostering our faith in the home. The Church teaches that parents are the primary catechists/educators of the Catholic faith to their children, and it is our job to reinforce such. We offer family formation with meetings monthly at the Church. Through our curriculum(Gospel Weeklies), students discuss the weekly lesson at home and then come, with their parents, monthly to share their faith in a fun way! This curriculum allows the faith to be further fostered within the family, assists parents in their role as primary catechists/educators and provides students with an opportunity to live out their Catholic faith.

Our curriculum engages our students and brings their faith to life in a way that the whole family can enjoy. It also offers a wide variety of activities online for free to use in the home! We support and defend Church teaching and uphold our responsibility to pass such on to students.

ALL sacraments require two years of preparation:
Eucharist 1 and Eucharist 2 for Reconciliation and Eucharist
(Typically for 1st and 2nd graders)
Pre-Confirmation for 6th graders
Confirmation 1 and Confirmation 2 for Confirmation  
(For 7th through 9th graders)
We will start in late August and end in May.  

Please watch the video for information on our 2023 RE Program


For questions or more information contact

Shannon Langer, Director of Religious Education


Registering for RE

K-5th Grade & 

Reconcilation/1st Eucharist


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